Steamboat is one of the most traditional dishes which is thoroughly enjoyed during the Chinese New Year in most East Asian countries. Singapore also celebrates it and therefore you can find some of the best steamboat food singapore. A decent steamboat must have an excellent selection of seafood, vegetables, and meat. Most people like a combination of meat and fish stock because a good stock requires both bodies and freshness. To give the stock body, you’ll need to simmer a lot of pieces as well as shells for a long time if you solely use seafood. Because it’s tough to do at home, mixing it with meat broth can help.

chinese steamboat ingredients

Other Basic Ingredients:

The third component of an excellent steamboat is fresh ingredients. Handcrafted fish and pork dumplings, as well as fresh seafood such as squid and prawns, are must-haves. However, if you want all of the veggies to go into the soup and contribute to its richness and body, marinating them is not necessary. Then, on the side, you can add flavor with sauces and toppings. Finally, you’ll want some tasty condiments and dips on the side. You can experiment with bottled sauces such as chacha sauce or Lao Gan Ma, but soy sauce and chili are a must-have.


People suffer upset tummies because they are too eager to dig in as soon as the soup liquid reaches a low boil. Before consuming anything else in the stew, make sure that comes back to a full simmer if you’re putting raw meat.

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